Why Can't I Sync a Live Database in vBoxxCloud?



vBoxxCloud currently does not support the syncing of live database files. Some examples are: 

  • Live Databases (.dbs)
  • Microsoft Access Databases
  • Lacerte Files
  • Quickbook Files
  • .pst Files

vBoxxCloud does not support the syncing of live databases for the following reasons:
  • We can't read live database files while they are open. Our scan will pick any changes up (runs every hour), but many people never close these programs and are confused when no updates get sent up. 
  • Because of the reason above, simultaneous access can result in the creation of many collision files, which can become a nightmare for end-users to deal with.
  • Live databases create many temp files and manipulate primary files in ways that would require special exclusions and pattern-matching algorithms. We had to do the same for Office and AutoCAD.



When working with database files, we recommend: 

  • Keep live databases on your file server 
  • For users that need remote access to live database files, setup a terminal server that can access the file server 
  • Use vBoxxCloud for other parts of the file server to cloud-enable the other cloud data.

At the moment live databases are not supported, however we are looking into supporting this in the future.