Activating Privacy Mode 


The Privacy Mode feature can be activated for a lower-lever organization and its sub-organizations. In short, it disables your ability to view data in personal folders, team shares, and any backups. The main purpose of the feature is to add one layer of protection to your personal documents. Please know that once this feature is activated the vBoxxCloud support team will have limited access to the organization, permanently.
When Privacy Mode is enabled, you will be still able to view data in your own organization, and keep the necessary privileges required to manage lower-level organizations.

When Privacy Mode is enabled:

You are not be able to:

  • Configure File Server Enablement.
  • Browse or manage content of personal folders, team shares, or backups.
  • View name of files within personal folders, team shares or backups.
  • Create backups.
  • Subscribe to team shares.
  • More items, i.e. user accounts, team shares, to outside organizations. 

You are able to:

  • Manage and configure the organization and sub organizations.
  • View information about the organization and sub organizations.
  • View space used by accounts, team shares, and backups.
  • View the number of files in accounts, team shares, and backups.
  • Create accounts, and team shares.
Important Notes:
  1. After Privacy Mode is enabled, there no way to disable the feature.
  2. Privacy Mode should be configured as a last step, after you have fully configured an organization. File Server Enablement should be configured before enabling the Privacy Mode. You will not be able to browse and map a FSE machine with Privacy mode on.

By default, organization administrators will still be able to browse user files within their own organization. Privacy Mode prevents organization admins from viewing data within lower-level organizations and sub organizations.


  1. In the admin dashboard, click Settings. The Settings page will display.
  2. In the Settings page, click on Privacy. The Privacy Mode page will display and here you will see a warning indicated that activating Privacy Mode is irreversible. 
  3. Click on Turn on Privacy Mode button to activate it. A popup message will display. warning that higher level organization admins won't be able to view organization files.

Privacy mode 1 - vBoxxCloud
Privacy mode 2 - vBoxxCloud

Disabling 'Let Organization Administrators Browse User Files Policy':

By default, administrators will still have the ability to browse user files within their own organization. The Privacy Mode feature only prevents organization admins from viewing data in lower-level organizations and sub-organizations. To prevent admins from browsing user files in their own organization, follow these steps:
  1. In the sub organization, click Settings.
  2. In the settings page, click Policies.
  3. In the User Settings of the Policies page, uncheck the Let organization admins browse user files checkbox. Organization administrators assigned to this sub organization will no longer have the ability to view user's data.

Privacy Mode 4 - vBoxxCloud