vBoxxCloud v1.6.3.333  is now live and has some awesome new features!

Release Notes:

vBoxxCloud Sync

  • Improved scan to prevent the generation and upload of 0-byte files.
  • Improved algorithm to identify collision files and prevent the generation of duplicates.




  • A new field 'Share Disclaimer' has been added to the General tab of an organization's settings. In this field, a user can specify a custom disclaimer (max character count of 10000) that each recipient of a share link must accept before accessing the link’s contents.
  • Fixed issue where the download count would not increase when downloading from a user’s Share page.
  • If using the default email client, share links will now be sent from the sender’s email address.
  • Better usability around folder creation.
  • Improved the user interface when logging in with a Guest account.



Outlook Plug-in

  • Sending emails to distribution groups is now supported. Note: if the plug-in silently updates while Outlook is open, a system reboot will be required for the update to take effect.




  • Improved the speed and performance of PSA API calls by loading asynchronously and caching the results. Added a 'Reload Options From PSA' button to refresh the cached list.




  • Fixed issue where Backups were displaying twice.




  • AD users imported before two-factor authentication could not use it. This has been fixed.
  • Improved server pings and queries to eliminate false positive alerts for “System Unavailable”.