vBoxxCloud version v2.5.1 now live!

Release Notes:

vBoxx is pleased to announce vBoxxCloud v2.5.1, the latest release includes new features, improvements, and important fixes.


  • Unlock Account feature allows Organization Administrators to manually unlock a user account that was locked due to failed password attempts.
  • Drag and Drop functionality is now available to users in the My Files tab of the end user web portal.
  • Sync and registration events are now logged in agent log files and viewable in the Windows Event Viewer and the OS X Console.
  • Groups can now be created and managed through the APIv2.
  • Auto-generated passwords now force the user to reset the password upon initial log in.
  • Password reset confirmation notification now displays as expected.
  • Password reset link(s) will now expire upon modification of account settings.
  • Forgot Password and Two-Step Recovery notification messaging is now generic.
  • Apache, OpenSSL, mod_wsgi, bitrock, and QT framework are now updated for security and stability improvements.
  • Improved log formatting is now available for server logs, agent logs, and Outlook add-in logs.
  • Permission errors related to mapped folders are now visible in the agent UI.
  • German language translation corrections have been implemented.
  • Share links now display the organization name for the user initiating the share.
  • The browser tab for the application download page is now branded.
  • File change activity through WebDAV will now display as WebDAV in the Activity Log.
  • Custom session handling class is now replaced with Flask.
  • When the Web Preview tool is disabled, HTML files will now download as expected, instead of displaying in the browser.


  • Agent overlays no longer cause Windows Explorer to crash in certain conflicting Windows 7 or 8 environments.
  • Agent database resets no longer trigger file conflicts to overwrite remotely.
  • Agent service now properly starts automatically.
  • Empty folder structures no longer sync down when deselecting folder(s) through the Selective Sync GUI.
  • Empty folders now properly remain deleted.
  • Agent no longer goes into an error state when handling outdated revisions in certain instances.
  • Agent no longer sends unexpected delete events to the server when re-selecting an entire root via the Selective Sync GUI.
  • Agent now properly syncs files that are renamed while syncing down.
  • Files are no longer reverted to an older version as a result of a deviation error.
  • The Two-Step Authentication organization policy now properly redirects to the web when configuration is required.
  • Download count now increases when folders are downloaded as zip files.
  • Users can now upload revisions through the web for content they have previously locked.
  • The Secure Share Dialog Tooltip now functions properly.
  • The System Tray icon overlay now properly refreshes when all conflicts have been resolved.
  • The application icon in the OS X Finder toolbar now properly loads and unloads.
  • Custom branding is now present in specific edge cases when downloading the OS X Agent from the welcome email.
  • The OS X Conflict Resolution dialog now properly exists in the foreground.
  • Restore paths are now properly created on OS X.  
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is now enabled
  • Outlook Add-in bug fixes.

Please contact vBoxx support if you have any questions about these new features.