vBoxxCloud version v2.4.1 is now live with new and improved features!


Release Notes:

vBoxx is pleased to announce vBoxxCloud v2.4.1, the latest release that includes new features, improvements, and important fixes.


  • Synced Folder can now be added as a storage location shortcut within Microsoft Office desktop applications
  • A new Overwrite Remote option has been added to the desktop agent’s Resolve Sync Conflicts dialog box
  • Notification options on upload/download can now be configured within a shared folder (includes revisions)
  • The Outlook Add-In is now supported in Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • The Agent UI now displays the status of all locally available roots with the Advanced tab of the Properties dialog box


  • The Web Preview feature is now available in the Browse File Revisions page
  • The Web Preview feature is now supported in the Microsoft Edge browser
  • The Web Preview feature now supports many additional file formats including MS Visio Drawing files
  • The Web Preview feature’s rendering fidelity has been improved for many file formats, including Microsoft Office
  • Users can now exit out of the Web Preview tool from the share screen
  • Buttons have been redesigned with a neutralized color scheme for more consistent branding
  • Guest accounts are now included in reports
  • When authenticating, users can now select an Active Directory source nickname
  • Time-sensitive passwords have been added for CSV-imported users
  • When deleting a user account, any associated backup roots will now deactivate on the web
  • The Share Options GUI is now resizable
  • The Restore Deleted feature has been improved to address cases where only a parent folder is restored
  • The Add to Groups and Add to Team Shares subscription widgets have been enhanced to improve the selection process
  • The Activity Log now displays Owned By information when purging individual files from personal roots
  • Locks are now removed if the owner is unsubscribed from a Team Share
  • Team Share moves are now logged in web-access.log
  • The {login_link} requirement has been removed from all custom welcome email templates
  • The Lock Info pop-up window now displays time based on account/organization time zone
  • ConnectWise billing agreement drop-down now reloads when switching companies for ConnectWise billing
  • A new Test Billing Agreement Push button has been added for ConnectWise billing integration
  • Added localization support for the Web Preview tool
  • In the Share Options dialog box, the Save and Close buttons have been updated to Share and Cancel
  • Numerous backend enhancements have been implemented to improve stability, security, and performance
  • When managing backups, the Delete button now reads Delete Selected Backups
  • Changes to org policies now display on dashboard activity and reports, and can generate alerts


  • The Auto-Lock duration is now configurable from the desktop agent’s Properties dialog box
  • The right-click context menu has been consolidated


  • Agent no longer prevents print dialog box from appearing
  • Agent no longer unregisters itself on Windows 10
  • Daily Digest now sends as expected on SaaS
  • 'Restore inaccessible network paths' button now activates in agent properties when path becomes unavailable
  • Agent deviation no longer causes a sync loop
  • Clear button has been updated in the Activity Log filtered view
  • Reports no longer display Not Available or zero storage
  • Windows path character limit no longer prevents the context menu or overlays from displaying
  • Shared files and folders listed in the guest account drop-down menu now display as expected
  • OSX agents now fully complete the installation process as expected
  • An edge case has been addressed so that Team Shares no longer display negative data in the web portal
  • OSX agent stability issue was addressed to prevent unexpected crashes
  • 500 error no longer displays when enabling ConnectWise billing for a child organization
  • 500 error no longer displays when viewing an organization created through the API
  • An edge case has been addressed so that the web portal no longer displays a negative number for User Folders
  • OSX Finder extension is now enabled by default after installing the agent
  • When configuring ConnectWise billing, changing the agreement for one child company no longer changes the agreement for all child companies
  • Daily Digest emails are no longer sent after a user is unsubscribed from a Team Share
  • The Download button now displays as expected in the Web Preview tool
  • The Outlook add-in has been updated with stability improvements
  • The agent service now starts as expected on Windows 10

Please contact vBoxx support if you have any questions about these new features.