vBoxxCloud version v1.7.4.438, Outlook Plug-in Version: is now live and some great features are updated!

Agent Proxy (Beta Version)

vBoxxCloud now supports proxy integration with both the Windows and OS X Agent. A new tab ‘Proxies’ has been added to the Agent Preferences dialog window where a user can choose between the following settings: No proxy (default), Detect Automatically, and Custom.

If choosing Custom, the user can additionally configure the following proxy types: HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. 

Detailed instructions on how to configure proxy support for your agent can be found on our support forum.


Agent Exclusion Notifications

A new tab “Excluded” has been added to the Agent Preferences dialog window. This tab lists any and all files that have been omitted from upload to the vBoxxCloud server due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • System exclusion
  • Over organization quota
  • Over user quota
  • Extension exclusion
  • File too big
  • Access denied

In addition, files that have been excluded from sync will also appear as a notification in the systray.


Agent Statistics


On the Machines tab, each registered agent can now be expanded to display a summary of detailed information such as:

  • Root subscriptions across personal files, team shares, and backups
  • Sync status of each root
  • Number of excluded files for each root
  • Active file transfers


In addition, “Agent Disconnected” will be displayed for any agents not currently connected to the server. These statistics do not apply to mobile devices that are connected to the server.



  • Fixed issue where downloading a 0-byte revision would cause the agent to get stuck on that file.
  • If a user’s root folder is deleted when the agent service is disabled or off, a new folder will not be re-created, causing all files in the folder to be marked as deleted on the server. In addition, if the root folder is deleted, the user will have to re-register the agent.


  • Fixed issue where files in the SyncedFolder were marked as deleted and then re-added when upgrading to Windows 8.1. With this fix, vBoxxCloud now officially supports agent integration with Windows 8.1.
  • The Activity tab on the agent now displays file and folder events that are being uploaded to the server. This tab has a limit of 200 items in order to maximize performance and memory. The user can additionally right-click on the log to clear it’s contents at any time.


  • vBoxxCloud now officially supports agent integration with OS X Mavericks (10.9).
  • Fixed issue where accessing the folder tree through the agent would sometimes give an “agent is offline” error.
  • Fixed issue where agents were experiencing high CPU usage.


  • Administrators now have the ability to deactivate a backup without unlinking the machine. On the ‘Backups’ tab, selecting the ‘Deactivate’ link will remove the connection from the machine, and the backup will solely exist on the server.
  • Fixed issue where end users lost access to existing backups if the feature ‘Backup creation?’ was disabled for an organization.


  • Added feature to allow cloud-enabling a file server through the API.

The POST URL 1/management/root/subscribe takes the following variables:

  • machine_id
  • root_id
  • path
  • person_id


  • Functionality to attach an AD source to an existing organization via the API has been added.

The POST URL 1/management/ad/create takes the following variables (* required):

  • host*
  • domain*
  • login
  • password
  • company_id


  • Added feature to create, retrieve information about, update, and delete Guest users via the API:

Create: POST 1/management/guest/create (* required)

  • company_id*
  • first_name*
  • last_name*
  • email*
  • password
  • generate_password


Retrieve information about: GET 1/management/guest/


Update: POST 1/management/guest/update (* required)

  • id*
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • password
  • generate_password


Delete: POST 1/management/guest/delete (* required)

  • id*



  • Fixed issue where PSA integration with ConnectWise would fail if a company defined in the ConnectWise settings has a null name.

Active Directory

  • When importing users, vBoxxCloud will no longer validate for uniqueness in usernames. Import now only looks for uniqueness in email addresses.
  • When importing users, users would get imported into the system but a blank dialog window would be displayed on certain versions of Chrome. This has been fixed.

Outlook Plug-in

  • Fixed issue where the Outlook plug-in would fail to attach files containing special characters.
  • Fixed issue where links would not properly attach if multiple attachments were made.
  • Fixed issue where the file attachment tree would fail to load when the directory contained 2 files with the same name, with one file containing a “%20” string in lieu of a space.
  • Fixed issue where attached links would be stripped before reaching the email’s recipient.

Organization Policies

  • Renamed organization policy ‘Max number of child organizations’ to ‘Max number of suborganizations.’ This policy can also now be enabled or disabled via the check-box setting ‘Allow creation of suborganizations?’
  • When creating a new organization or editing an existing organization, the policy ‘Let organization admins browse remote files?’ will automatically be enabled if either feature ‘Backup creation’ or ‘File Server Enablement’ is also enabled.

Dashboard and Reporting

  • On the ‘Overview’ widget located on the Dashboard, the following changes have been made:
    • Renamed ‘Physical Space’ to ‘Quota Space Used’
    • Added new metric ‘Spaced Used (Revisions)’ which details how much space is being used by file revisions (not including current revisions of files). Includes revisions in team shares and backups.
    • Added new metric ‘Space Used (Deleted Files)’ which details how much space is being used by deleted files. These files can be permanently erased to recoup this space. Includes deleted files in team shares and backups.


  • vBoxxCloud now supports real-time reporting for select data sets. To run reports using this feature, select “Now” in the ‘Date range’ field. The following data sets are currently available for point-in-time reporting:
    • Storage overview
    • Space usage by organization
    • User count by organization
    • Count of accounts, admins, machines, roots, files, and revisions
    • Space usage by extension
    • Top storage users
    • Top bandwidth machines
    • Persons


  • Added new data set ‘User Count by organization’ which details (minimum, maximum, average) the number of accounts used in an organization over a given period of time. Data for administrator accounts is also displayed. Data for Guest accounts is not included at this time.


  • Added new data set ‘Persons’ which details the following information for the organization that the report is run on:
    • User
    • Email
    • Machines
    • Team Shares


This data set is only available as part of a point-in-time report.

Activity and Alerts

        • To improve search, several filters have been added to Activity logging including: root selection, activity type, date selection, user selection, and file name queries.
        • Added new option “Any User” in the ‘For’ field for user-centric alerts.


  • vBoxxCloud now officially supports Safari browser versions 6 and 7 for OS X and version 5.2.7 for Windows.
  • Emails generated when creating share links will now contain share expiration date information, if specified.
  • Fixed UI issue where a child organization was displaying underneath the wrong parent organization. This issue only occurred with parent organizations with similar names.
  • Fixed issue where great grandchildren organizations were not properly inheriting policies from their parent organizations.
  • Improved search algorithm on queries performed on the web interface.
  • Fixed issue where folder and file names with backslashes could not be opened on the web.
  • Added validation to the field ‘Program Name’ in the Branding settings to prevent the use of the ampersand (&) symbol. This symbol prevents custom branding from installing correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Guest users were able to access secure share links sent to them by other Guest accounts.
  • The following database file extensions have been added to the default excluded list: .pst, .dbs, .qba, .qba.tlg, .qbw, .qbw.tlg, .bd2, and .pd6. Although not recommended, these can be removed by an administrator.