We are pleased to announce an updated Synced Tool app for Android 4.2, the latest release  includes important new features and improvements related to performance and user experience.   


  • Release 4.2 consolidates the colors and icons used in the UI, and should streamline user support requests: you no longer need to identify the platform in use to explain menu navigation and describe expected results.

                                                                                UI Before:                                                                         UI After:

    synced tool android app UI
  • The separate button for Web Preview was removed since that button was rarely being used. Native editors often showed better performance than Web Preview - and, if a user has no permissions to view a file, the file now opens in Web Preview automatically anyway. The extra button was removed to streamline the look and feel.

  • The app now fully supports Team Share permissions. If a user attempts to perform a non-permitted action, they'll see a clear education message. For example, if a user does not have item sync permission, they will see the following insufficient permissions message (and will be unable to download a file): 

    However, since a user can still view the file in Web Previewer, permissions are now checked and the user automatically falls back to Web Preview, as needed.



  • Error handling is improved when a user does not allow Synced Tool for Android to access files on the device.
  • The required two-step authentication organization policy is now enforced.