vBoxxCloud version v2.0.0.563 is now live and a lot of features are updated!

Release Notes:

File locking

Users can now place locks on files and folders within Team Shares! Locks are global and prevent all other users from making changes to files that were locked.

  • Admins can lock/unlock files and folders regardless of organisational policy
  • The desktop sync client can prompt users to lock Word and Excel documents that they open within a Team Share:
    • This auto-lock feature can be turned off and on at the ‘Edit Team Share’ page (off by default)
    • Included a button on the Team Share page to bulk enable auto-locking on Team Shares
    • Word for Mac & .xls are currently not supported
    • Unless specified in hard-lock extension list (description below), locks are ‘soft’ in that they still allow users to make changes locally
      • Locked files will get a lock icon overlay
      • Unwarranted changes (renames, deletes, updates, moves, etc) will not upload until a lock is removed
      • Offending users will be notified via a systray notification and an exclamation mark icon overlay
      • Added hard-lock (file-system enforced locks) for specific extensions:
        • Extensions are defined at the organisation policy level and are: .doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.pptx,.pdf,.txt,.xlsb,.xlsm,.csv,.docm,.dotx,.dotm,.pub,.wpd,.odt,.ott,.oth,.odm,.ots,.odp,.odg,.otp,.odf,.oxt,.odc,.ods,.vdx,.vsx,.vtx,.one
        • On Windows, hard locks are implemented by setting the following DENY ACE for the EVERYONE SID:
          • Create files/write data
          • Create folders/append data
          • Write attributes
          • Write extended attributes
          • Delete
        • On OSX, we set the UF_IMMUTABLE flag (essentially user lock)
  • Added functionality to desktop client to correct permissions on locked/previously-locked files
    • From Windows desktop client GUI, under the Advanced tab, push Ctrl+Alt+C to show "Correct Locks" button
    • On OSX agents, select ⌘+Option+C to show "Correct Locks" button

Download as .ZIP

  • Users now have the ability to download folders as a .ZIP file from the web portal by right-clicking any folder and selecting ‘Download ZIP’
    • Empty subfolders will not be included in the .ZIP download
    • vBoxxCloud strip characters outside of extended ASCII in files and folders when creating the ZIP file

Revision Rollback

  • Users can rollback all files within an entire root or folder to their revisions before a certain date
    • Provides great protection against CryptoLocker-like viruses
    • Users have the ability to select a specific date and time or just restore by date
    • Example: If a Team Share was infected on June 23rd at 9:00AM, user would select the restore time to be June 23rd, 8:59AM to restore all files before the infection happened

Note: Clock is set to 24 hour and is based off the time zone of the vBoxxCloud server



  • Users now have the ability to sync .bak files; by default this extension will be included in the excluded extensions policy and the policy is set per organisation


  • Improved agent overlays during sync
  • Fixed behavior of folder renames when rename fails when user has file open within it- we will now wait until file is closed before applying folder rename



  • Changed default Synced Folder permission on OSX so only folder owner has read, write, execute permissions (chmod 700)
  • Fixed issue where folders containing a trailing space in the folder name would cause an error when trying to rename the folder 


  • Separated Shares page into 3 tabs to speed up page loading; Tabs are ‘Team Shares’, ‘Items Shared By You’, and ‘Items Shares With You’
  • Fixed issue where download count doubled for shared files, causing shares to expire after incorrect amount of downloads


  • Added API value to remove files when unsubscribing a machines from a Team Share
    • To remove files use /1/management/root/unsubscribe/ and the values ‘remove_files’ equal True:
      • root_id = 1
        person_id = 1
        machine_id = 1
        remove_files = True

Organisation Policies

  • Admins have the ability to enable/disable Manual Collision Resolution per machine
    • Feature can be toggled in a machine’s settings page (From Machine tab, click machine’s name)

Dashboard and Web Portal

  • If a web browser supports the inline viewing of a file, it will be opened as such, otherwise, the browser will prompt user to save document; users can still download the file by right-clicking it and choosing ‘Download’
  • Machines will now display "AGENT ERROR" status for the root(s) causing the error
  • Added feature that allows users to restore deleted files between specified date ranges for subfolders
  • Added ability for organisation admins to convert guest accounts into regular vBoxxCloud user accounts
  • User has the ability to drag and drop folders for upload on the web portal
    • Note that this will only upload files, folder structure will not be maintained
    • File report CSV output now displays raw byte count in Size column, allowing admins to easily sort data by size
    • Added an option to use headers when importing CSV files to create accounts
      • If a csv files has a header, check the "CSV has a header row?" box