vBoxxCloud version v2.5.3 now live!

Release Notes:

vBoxx is pleased to announce vBoxxCloud v2.5.3, the latest release includes new features, improvements, and important fixes.


  • The new CollaborativeWeb Editor lets users create and collaboratively edit documents on the web in real time.
  • Snapshot can now be used for backups.
  • Localization settings can now be configured for Portuguese (Brazilian) and French on the web and mobile devices.
  • Notification of upload email alerts now include the file name and path hyperlinked for seamless access.
  • Personally identifiable information will now be completely removed from PostgreSQL db once root is deleted.
  • SSL certificates are now being verified by the Desktop Client.
  • Auto-locking is now improved to properly handle most files with similar names.
  • Changing a user’s password now invalidates all active web sessions for that user.
  • The Dashboard activity log search has been improved to support simpler auditing.
  • Hydration method query has been improved for sync down performance, particularly in an instance of a mutex timeout.
  • Download option is now available for guests previewing content on the web.
  • Notify on upload notifications can now be configured for shares generated through the Outlook Add-in.


  • Data is now properly purged according to purge policy configurations.
  • SSL certificates are now properly verified on the application server when Desktop Clients attempt connection.
  • CSRF tokens are now properly verified on all forms.
  • Files and folders will no longer be duplicated on the web when, in rare edge cases, these items are moved in the Desktop Client’s SyncedFolder prior to the machine entering sleep mode.
  • Folder tree now displays properly when moving content within a shared folder accessed through a share link.
  • Team Share reports viewed on the web will now properly display the subscribers in the Recipients column.
  • Test Agreement Push for ConnectWise billing integration will now set the effective date to the next push day, or the current date if it is currently the push day.
  • Dashboard and Reports now properly display space quota.
  • APIv1 no longer throws a 500 error when obtaining a list of roots.
  • Daily Digest emails will no longer be sent to deleted accounts.
  • Breadcrumbs now properly navigate to correct paths when accessed through the Revision History page in the web portal.
  • Outlook Add-in stability is now further improved.
  • Outlook Add-in attachments are now properly automatically converted to share links based on policy settings.

Please contact vBoxx support if you have any questions about these new features.