vBoxxCloud v1.6.4.345 is now live!

Aug 21, 2015

Secure Share

vBoxxCloud now supports both public and private secure sharing. Creating a Secure Share with a recipient that is not an vBoxxCloud user will auto-create a Guest account for that recipient and prevent the distribution of a publicly accessible URL. In addition, the Share Access dialog has been re-designed for better usability.




Outlook Plug-in

  • Files and folders attached via the Outlook plugin now contain share link extensions.
  • Fixed branding issues.
  • Fixed issue where special characters in passwords would cause user registration to fail.
  • Revamped UI.


  • Autoupdate.exe is now digitally signed.
  • Modified autoupdate.exe to terminate any previously hung processes.


  • Guest accounts are now in their own section found in the ‘Guests’ tab.
  • Modified timeout for Active Directory error response to 10 seconds.
  • Disabled hard-coded alert that indicated when 50% of disk usage was reached.
  • Improved performance for page loading.