vBoxxCloud version v2.2 is now live with a lot of new and improved features

Release Notes:


Network Shares
Support for network shares via File Server Enablement (mapped drives, UNC Paths, NAS/SAN, etc.).

Customizable Email Templates
File share emails can now be customized with short codes.
256-bit AES Encryption
There is now an option to enable 256-bit AES encryption.
Customizable Email Templates for Team Shares
In addition to welcome emails, guest welcome emails, and share emails, administrators can now customize Team Share emails
Team Share policy to disable subscription notice via email
Administrators now have the option to turn off subscription notice emails for new and existing Team Shares.
Secure Share for Outlook Add-in
administrators now have the option of turning on the Force New Share Links to Require Login policy, which ensures that all share links—including those sent through the Outlook add-in—are sent as secure shares. If this policy is not enabled, end users now have the option of configuring their Outlook add-in settings so that all items are sent as secure shares.
Consolidation of Outlook Add-in UI buttons
the Outlook add-in ribbon buttons have been consolidated for improved user experience and content management.
Team Share policy to disable subscription notice via email
Administrators now have the option to turn off subscription notice emails for new and existing Team Shares.



  • Disabled SSLv3 for agent and servers
  • Added popup message when deleting organization and entering Privacy Mode
  • Privacy mode improvements
  • Fixed Outlook Plugin issue where having more than a thousand deleted files would cause Outlook to hang
  • Project recompiled in Visual Studio 2013 (QT 5 framework)
  • Build tools have also been updated, adding performance and stability improvements
  • Optimized transfer buffer sizes which increased transfer speeds
  • Fixed OS X crash issue on OS X Yosemite
  • Fixed Active Directory import when user email was not specified
  • Fixed incorrect reports of machines as “Offline” on dashboard
  • Fixed WebDAV hang up on Microsoft update for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
  • Fixed space usage extension ordering in report for some patched servers
  • Fixed issue with handling of ‘+’ sign in email causing API authentication to fail
  • 256-bit AES set as default; removed 448-bit Blowfish option
  • Improved how the vBoxxCloud server handles PostgreSQL database reconnection. Database connections will now automatically reconnect if the connection is broken.
  • Fixed OS X instability issue due to hitting the maximum thread count per process.
  • Phase 2 of back-end data file indexing to improve performance with the handling of larger file types
  • Indexed PostgreSQL tables, Faster web dashboard, Faster activity log, Faster database operations
  • Fixed API import issue when Active Directory didn’t have email addresses
  • Fixed issue where certain organization policies were disabled when signing up through a Service Plan
  • AVG added our digital signature to their Trusted Database, finally, by way of pulling teeth
  • Outlook Add-in bug fixes
  • Fixed machine tab sorting
  • Excluded files list now properly appears
  • Daily Digest now consistently delivers daily
  • Corrected hover-over tooltip for Create Guest
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause updates to files greater than 4GB to fail
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent auto-purge from purging files deleted via parent folder
  • Rename Team Shares, Team Shares can now be renamed.





  • Auto-locking is supported for .odt and .ods files when opened with Microsoft Office
  • Agent will now compress rotated logs


  • Fixed high CPU usage on OS X machines
  • Added support for Finder sync extensions in Yosemite
  • Prompt users for machine credentials when attempting to rename or delete a Team Share (similar to Windows UAC)

iOS (3.6) and Android (2.4.5)

  • Added file and folder locking
  • Added folder sharing
  • Support for sending secure share links for files/folders
  • Prompt on sign-in when users have two-step authentication enabled
  • Fixed iOS issue when adding a file/folder as a favorite
  • iOS will now display the most recent image or video when uploading from Photos/Camera Roll


  • Admins can now search Team Share names on the admin dashboard
  • Fixed issue where file share options would not load
  • Added organization policy to force the use of Secure Shares, which only applies to shares created through the web portal and agent

Dashboard and Web Portal

  • Fixed issue where IE 10 & 11 would ask for credentials when selecting “Open” for MS Office files
  • Fixed issue where user quota alerts were triggered incorrectly
  • Changed error message when Active Directory account attempts to reset their password
  • Fixed issue when downloading files that contained hash (#) symbol within name
  • Fixed issue with timed file lock on the web portal
  • Fixed issue when using the "Download as Zip" feature on folders larger than 2 GB
  • Fixed issue where using the "Get Logs" button would result in a 404 error
  • Added organization policy to deactivate API session tokens after a certain amount of time; this is a per-org policy, which does not inherit to child organizations
  • Added option to message Guest account that includes the option to send reset password link to Guest accounts
  • Added the following to Daily Digest:

- Information on specific user that edited files
      Username when edited on the web
      Username and machine when edited on an Agent
      Username when edited on the web
- Last modified date & time
- Folder path and file name with extension
- Name of Organization that administers a Share

  • Added display of Team Share name within delete confirmation popup
  • Added config.ini parameters to allow disabling of update checker in addition to existing settings (delay, interval, etc.)
  • Enhanced renaming of content with case sensitivity, preventing collisions
  • Redesigned machine health tables and new logic for prioritization of file store writes
  • Phase 1 of back-end data file indexing to improve performance with the handling of larger file types
  • Fixed sync issue when file name contains a tab space
  • Fixed web issue where non-admin accounts could not unlock self-locked Team Shares
  • Added “# Views” and “# Downloads” to “Shares – Shared By You” Page
  • Fixed issue when a folder containing tilde at the end of its name would remain in its original location even after being moved to a new location
  • Fixed Reports with case sensitivity to consolidate same-type extensions